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March 30, 2008


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Purrr...how cute :)

a. grace

awwww, your kitty is precious! perhaps the biggest drawback to my current living situation--even more so than the annoying terrier-beast across the street--is my landlord's "no-pets" policy. i miss my critters!


toasty! kitty... you look so pretty, little girl. :)


Toaster, the only cat I have ever allowed in my bedroom and my apartment. Well there was Heatcliff, Smith and Jones. All were Rene's cats. I detest cats (long story) but with a daughter who loved them I tolerated them. But Toaster is the only one I ever allowed in my bedroom.


Your cat is adorable!

NotSoccer Mom

i'm so jealous--you're going to HAVE to take lots of pix and write about your three-day scrap!!!!


Adorable picture of a very cool cat. Love that name. :)

Thank you for visiting my site and offering such kind words of comofrot about Upsie. Hugs.


Hey...it's your version of Porno Kitty. :-)

Awesome photo, Mr. L!

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