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March 06, 2008



I just came back from taking the candy bar test (14 of 20) and this picture was staring at me! Looks so good! I don't remember Grandma D ever making chipped beef, but I wish I did! I will have to try this, looks like comfort in a meal!


Well, Rene we certainly had this at home. In fact for lunch today I had chipped beef (microwave) over rice. I like it over biscuit better than toast. The military has a nickname for it - SOS! I will let you folks figure it out.

Stephanie Quilao

I just tried the Minestrone, and I think it tastes better if you put some of the Martha tomato soup into it. The tomato soup is pretty tasty and I've been eating quite a bit of it.

Thanks for the link :-)

a. grace

my buddies and i used to plan our schedules around chipped-beef-gravy day in the cafeteria. there's no rhyme or reason for the supreme deliciousness of something out of a box or jar, but i can't resist it. to this day, if i see it on a diner menu, i have to have it. and that picture? talk about your food porn. dang.


man, this post brings back memories. that yummy little jar of armor chipped beef is the reason i learned how to make a white sauce. i love cream chipped beef. and yes, my family called it SOS too.


I've never had chipped beef, and don't think its on my short list of things to try, but Guy Fieri loved this stuff recently on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_dv/episode/0,,FOOD_29156_54832,00.html


We eat Stouffer's Cream Chipped Beef often but never thought to use Puff Pastry Shells. I'm gonna try it. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Mrs. L

Shannon - I remember Grandma D making this when I was six or seven so it was many many years ago.

Mom - SOS - Shit on a Shingle!

Stephanie - I am determined to get to Costco soon to try Marthas soups.

a.grace - I'm not sure I would have guts to eat the stuff from a school cafeteria.

Babrie - Glad I could bring back some memories.

Louise and Jeanette - You guys must try this!

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