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March 05, 2008



Yay for cheese doodles!


Mmm, cheese doodles.


Hey, they look like Cheetos to me! Looks like Doodles is copying Cheetos. Right now I can't eat crunchy, so I got me some puffs and still can't eat them. Oh well, later.

a. grace

a site dedicated to giada's cleavage? how HILARIOUS.


i love me some cheetos, cheezy poofs what ever.

i got 13 out of 20 right on the candy bar quiz and i have never even had some of those candies.

Noble Pig

Oh that is hilarious about Giada...goodness gracious me.


You sure do have some interesting links. Very funny and very interesting. Off to check them out. ;)


14/20 in the candy quiz. . .but I have a vicious sweet tooth.

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