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March 16, 2008



Looks wonderful! You did a great job.
I made shrimp last week, and it took SO LONG to peel, devein, and take the tails off of the shrimp. Was that even necessary? You didn't do it. I guess I'm freaked out about shrimp "sewage" you know?


A great entry for the pub crawl.


I also like the dish "Gin with Shrimp"! : )


Yum - that looks good!


hmmm, I can't imagine eating the shells, that just sounds wrong to me! Other than that, the recipe sounds deliciously aromatic.

Mrs. L

Emeline - You can buy shrimp which is deveined but still has the shell and tail on.

Peabody/Jan - Thanks!

Amy - ah yes, the Gin with Shrimp...maybe I'll try that-giggle.

Foodhoe - Mr. L tried to eat one with shell on and though he said it was doable, he didn't like the crunch.


No shells, no tails, no veins please! It does look good. Cannot you cook it for me without the shells, tails and veins?

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