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March 29, 2008



The orange seems like an odd addition with the rest of those ingredients. Hmmm.


I can seee how the orange would bring the flavors out nicely. Not common but great thinking! Orzo surely is a great substitute when making risotto. I could eat 2 bowls of this!!


This "risotto" looks wonderful! So much easier and quicker. I have whole wheat orzo in my closet, right now. Orzo was kind of expensive here. I think I paid $6?


I just made risotto last night - a Martha Stewart recipe, it really wasn't that bad ... its not the stirring nightmare I have heard about ... I used all the ingredients she suggested and added sliced baby portabello and white mushrooms sauteed...it was awesome, even my boyfriend how declared he HATED risotto and would not be eating it (he was confused with couscous) loved it! Check out this month's Everyday Food ... or the website.



OMG - my mouth is watering as I sit in front of a Weight Watchers waiting for it to open. If I have good results today I might have to give this recipe a try as a celebration! LOL


I love a good risotto. Am gonna give this recipe a try. :)

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