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March 13, 2008



I would have taken this and added a little cornstarch to thicken the soup. Before that I would have let those beans boil to make them really soft. Then I would have eaten it over rice. You should have brought it over to me and not waste the food. I would have mashed the beans and eaten it with rice.


Aww thats a bummer. Ive had my fair share of kitchen failures!


Bummer! I do have to say that the recipe sounds good to me.


Not is a million years...ouch. My husband wont eat beans anyway so I was safe from making this.


Awww....xuxas. The soup looked really, really good, too.

a. grace

as a bean aficionado, this saddens me.
i'm so sorry it wasn't salvageable.
oh geez, somebody get me a tissue. :)

Mrs. L

Mom, the beans were soft, they were canned so they didn't need to be boiled more.

Jessica - The first one really hurts though :)

Jan - Yeah, except for the frozen green beans, I thought everything would work together.

Peabody - Your husband is smart when it comes to this dish.

Lara - Looks good, amazing that a good photo can look so tasty.

a.grace - I'll get you the whole box of tissues-giggle.

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