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January 22, 2008



No Superbowl hype for me. I am sure we will watch it but I really don't care who wins.


I watched the playoff games this past weekend. I do watch the 49ers. Still a loyal 49er fan and always will be. I also watch all the Shark games if it does not interfere with something else I want to watch. I switch back and forth when that happens. The Sharks are saving me money this month! (I put away $5 for every game they win.) Helped me at Xmas - got to buy more Xmas gifts than I would have.


I saw that football special on Dale & Thomas' website. Very tempting to order for the Superbowl. :)

NotSoccer Mom

i used to watch the 49ers back when i was married. don't know anyone who is into football anymore and as such, never get invited for super bowl parties (and super food).


My dear husband entered our 2 sons into a college football bowl game pool. The younger did well, but wes still oh, so himself. You know, come downstairs, check out the game (and his standing) and go back to finish the round of Rock Band with his friends. He watched a crucial game with another top contender, either of them could have won big $$. In the end, my boy won enough to buy a laptop, wireless printer and and x Box game. beautiful!

Mrs. L

Peabody - If I watch the game, it's all about the commercials.

Jeanette - I got really quick service when I ordered my chips.

NotSoccerMom - Maybe we should have an "anti-Super Bowl" party one year and watch something else (but still have super food).

Louise - Way for your son to go Louise!

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