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January 18, 2008



I had Peking Duck before (more than once) and really did not care too much for it. When going out with co-workers I ate the foods I liked and let the rest have the Peking Duck. Of course, as I have said before my favorite place is Tao Tao in Sunnyvale.


I thought that was Rick!
Peabody pulled a great one with you!
Great site!


I kinda like that Ellie lady. She has a pleasant voice and seems very mellow. But, Max's favorite is Paula Deen. Total opposite of Ellie. :-)


what??? the love of my life has moved to Marin?

Mrs. L

Mom - I haven't had Peking Duck in ages.

MyKitcheninHalfCups - Isn't that a great photo?

Lara - Of COURSE Max loves Paula (giggle), she's such a Grandma type voice.

Barbie2be - Alas, the restaurant here is not to be so he won't be close.


Did Tyler drop the Applebee's gig? He pretty much lost me at that point.

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