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January 19, 2008



The turning them on their side thing sounds odd. I run my cooked egg yolk through a food mill to get it so smooth...does make a difference.


Oh yeah, I remember these. I love deviled eggs and could eat a dozen probably in one meal but with these I immediately knew that it had horseradish. I am no fan of horseradish! I did give it a try but this is not my favorite deviled egg recipe.


I was looking at the title of the recipe and remembered my Grandpa Wing's middle name was Cooley. How strange!


I love deviled eggs, but my family does not. My friend Jeanne makes the cutest "spider eggs" every Halloween for me. :-) She found the recipe in Sunset magazine, and is basically just a basic recipe with cut olives on top resembling spiders. Yum!


Hi there,

I'm the person responsible for this recipe. Grandpa Cooley was my grandpa, and these are *close* to his deviled eggs. The Cook's Illustrated people tampered with the recipe a bit before they published it. I haven't actually tried it yet as it appears in the book, so I can't say how far off the flavor is from what I'm used to. I know I put more sugar in them, and my hunch is also more vinegar, but, hey, at least the recipe made it into the book.

I went to the book signing last year in Chicago, but CK didn't mention this recipe in his talk. I did, however, get a chance to talk with him about the name afterward.

Thanks for posting the eggs,

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