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November 15, 2007



RR will also be at sur la table in santana row on december 15th.

Mrs. L

Barbie - I'm just not a fan of RR. And I figure that signing will be an absolute zoo since she is so popular. Had to laugh, Christopher asked who watched his show and most of the audience raised their hands. He asked who watched RR and maybe five hands went up. He laughed and made a joke that we were all just to embarrased to raise our hands and then went to ask about her "low cut tops". Seems when he met her years ago the cut of the tops were much higher than now. He wanted to know if he had to show more cleavage to get better ratings (I'm surprised he didn't bring up Giada or Sandra Lee!!)

NotSoccer Mom

yeah, i think any RR signing would be a zoo. i don't like zoos.

but i think giada's tops are cut lower than RR's!

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