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September 10, 2007



I sure remember those TV dinners. Dad did not care too much for them but I love them. Such a variety to choose from. What a change these days although they still have them at the grocery store. I'll have to get one someday. I loved the cakes.

Steamy Kitchen

I love the Lego pan! But I'm not such a great baker....


Did you know the first year Swanson made the TV dinner they only made $5K. But the next year they made $10 million. Talk about a fad catching on!


I used to love those tv dinners, and the ones with the crappy brown or fruit dessert squares were the bestest! I caved and let Alex pick one for his lunch a couple of months ago (the other kids eat at school) and he was not nearly as impressed as he should have been, lol. Spoiled child!


Ok, I've had those old Swanson TV dinners and NEVER did I EVER get a chicken leg that big! Heck, the "Hungry man" ones aren't that big either LOL

NotSoccer Mom

hehe, those swanson dinners were good because they were so full of FAT! yummy!

thanks for the plug... that lego cake was so easy to make. the lego chocolates look fun!

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