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September 06, 2007



Is that picture a cake. My it sure is beautiful.


of course we all know that marie antoinette didn't actually utter the "let them eat cake" line... ;)


duff would make those fins out of modeling chocolate. ;)

Mrs. L

Roz - It's a photo I found on a website (see source). I thought it was beautiful.

Barbie2be - Yep, and "Play it Again Sam" was never spoken but it's all part of our culter at this point so I still use it...actually the line that came to mind was "Bedelia you bi**h, I want my cake!" which came from the first Creepshow movie but I wasn't sure people would get it!...besides...I still call it Candlestick Park! And I know they now make black fondant so I thought of using that because black is supposedly hard to get right when adding color TO the frosting, chocolate, fondant. I think they sell the stuff at Michaels so I could make the fin out of regular chocolate and then cover it with black fondant...hmmmmm.

Mrs. L

That would be "culture" :)

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