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September 09, 2007



oh my GOD! i LOVE fried bologna sandwiches.


Hehe, Resident Evil 4 huh?


Hehe, Resident Evil 4 huh?


a true paulistano would not add that fancy mayonaise or mustard, just a plain white crusty bread roll, the hot mortadella, and some grilled cheese....
lunch time heaven!

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Thanks for the kind words Alice Q. I concur, and therefore, the menu items that were off would not deter my patronage. Thanks for taking the time out to write it! I think spirituality is really important too, we certainly agree on that point. A leader without spirituality is missing a key element.

    Jim alexander

put it on a steamed warm italian bun and just put the meat on along with some italian ham sliced thin and provolone no condiments!!!!! and through on a few thick cut kosher dill pickle slices

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