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August 06, 2007



I don't know how many readers you lost... but you gained this one.
And I, for one, am eagerly awaiting Roz's Spam Casserole!


Well I just might be making Roz's "Stove Top Casserole" this week 'cause now you have me craving for SPAM and the menu this week at this senior place does not too appetizing. I have all the ingredients to cook the recipe so it will be easy. And for your information SPAM is made with pork.


No judgement from me. I have never had the stuff. But now I am singing the Monty Python Spam song - thanks alot!!!! LOL


So I've been to the Spam Museum in Austin, MN . . . do you hate me now? ;)

notsoccer mom

isn't spam high in cholesterol and fat and all that stuff?

i love me some root beer float, though! will have to pass this time though. will have one in spirit, as that's all my cholesterol will allow. boo hoo.


i love spam! and rootbeer floats! not together of course.

Mrs. L

Yep, I know SPAM is pork, but there has always been that joke about it being made with..well...this is a family blog!

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