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July 09, 2007



Going to have to try this one after that rating. ;-) But does the steak really say skirt steak on it in the store?? Cuz in all my years of oldness, I have never noticed that one. Hubby doesn't do spicy, so I will get all the salsa. Works for me!


Mrs. L. this looks delicious! can't wait to make it for Roommate L.

Mrs. L

Kathie - It does say "skirt steak". Skirt steak is what most fajitas are made of and from what I understand restaurants tend to buy up most of the supply. It's from the same area of flank steaks and hanger steaks. It's also a piece of meat that isn't "cut" by the butcher...what you buy is what comes off the cow. We usually buy it from our upscale grocery store, but we find it at Safeway, Albertsons and P&W markets too. If you have a supermarket with a butcher, ask them for it. I think the sauce and rub would work well on all kinds of meat though, if you can't find skirt steak.

Barbie2be - You'll have to let us know how you liked it!


Well this does sound really good. Too bad there were not left overs for me!


Sounds really good. I will have to look for skirt steak. I don't think I have ever seen it either.

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