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June 28, 2007



just enjoy each gooey toffee buttery mouthful and worry about those little 329 calories later.

me? i intend to eat whatever i want to eat over the fourth since after my surgery on the fifth, who knows when i will feel like eating again.


Mmmmmm.....those chocolate cherries sound good and so does that awesome cake.


Washington State Cherries=YUMMMMM! And lots of good memories. Most of those are grown right around where I grew up, we used to love to go picking. Although I think the last time I went Brooke was 2 and Grant was still in a snuggly carrier.

Paula Deen=awesome. Try her spinach artichoke dip recipe, oh yum. You're welcome in advance.

notsoccer mom

ratatouille is a great flick! the kid and i saw it on opening day (his birthday) and both really enjoyed it.


I will take the Toffee Butter Cake anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Yummy. It was heavenly, better than the pineapple version.

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