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March 27, 2012



I love tofu in braised and fried dishes, but I also like to eat it as is (cold) with a bit of soy sauce on top as a small side dish. I'm guilty of being a tad heavy handed with the potato starch slurry so if I make a saucy dish, it's either too thin or too thick. It's probably because it looks fine when it's cooking, but once it stands, it REALLY thickens. :\

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - I'm trying to incorporated a bit of tofu every now and then so you may just see some more recipes calling for it. I work near Japantown that has a wonderful tofu making place that sells to all the restaurants and grocery stores. I need to buy some fresh from them.


Oh my, you are near a tofu making place?! Color me extremely envious! The one thing I cannot get here because we don't have access like you do is okara for a dish I grew up on called unohana (didn't know the name of it until today). I always just called it okara. :P

Carolyn Jung

Great combo of ingredients. And you can never go wrong with hoisin sauce. Adds such a nice sweetness.


I tried tofu last summer on the grill. Had to try it at least once. Was not my favorite, ha ha.

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