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March 13, 2012



Don't know about the others since I only got a taste of the Lemon Drop. But it was good.

Carolyn Jung

Love the name of the truck. And Pink Velvet, huh? A lighter shade of red then? :)


Those flavors sound super! I would go nuts over the chocolate bacon and the Kaboom cupcakes!! Pleeeaaase try them out! They need to make a slight detour to Ohio.

Freight Factoring

Those tastes audio super! I would go crazy over the dark delicious chocolate cash and the Kaboom cupcakes!! Pleeeaaase try them out! They need to create a minor detour to Oh.


I wish Knoxville had food trucks. Right now, we still just have one.

Tow Truck

Have seen first time tow trucks are being used for such bringing cupcakes for people. I could not even think that tow trucks can also be sued for such services.

Angelica Emmanuel

One of the best things about food trucks is that you get the opportunity to try out delicious food without having to travel far. But another thing good about this one is that it’s designed to appeal to kids and kids at heart! It’s playful, colorful, and fun. Anyway, back to the cupcakes, I wish I can taste their mouth-watering Chocolate Chocolate cake, since I'm a chocolate-lover! :3

Sara Anthony

The last time I attended a car show, I don’t know if you would believe me, but there’s a powder-blue vintage ice cream truck there. It was actually the center of attraction! I dunno, maybe because it’s very unusual for car show enthusiasts to see something like that. It was a bit weird, it’s fabulously weird!

Carry Demaggio

@Angelica! Yes, these food trucks have the design that would probably capture the attention of people, not just kids, but the kids at hearts as well. :p When I was young, I used to wait for the ice cream truck to pass by our house. My day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get to buy ice cream and see the cute truck! :))

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