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March 20, 2012



OH PRETTY! Short ribs are my favorite but I've never even thought about balsamic reduction with them. Brilliant and simple! Will try this next time (minus crockpot! I am crockpot challenged so mostly stick to slow braises in the oven).

Teena in Toronto

Yum-mee! They sound delish!

BTW, I didn't know Hooters had a cookbook.

Carolyn Jung

Short ribs are made for this cool weather we're having lately. Mmm, these look so tender and meaty, too. ;)


If the ribs were still tough, I wonder if the crock pot didn't get them hot enough. All their connective tissue won't break down until it hits an internal temp of about 190f.

The sauce sounds great, even if it didn't do like you wanted.


We were bestowed some ribs from a neighbor. *rubs hands* From the description and the color of the sauce, this sounds like a winner. I'll take to heart what you've noted.


They were quite yummy :-)

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