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January 09, 2012



So pozole is one of our favorite dishes to share, but I've never made it myself.

We would not use the pineapple, either. We would serve the cabbage on the table, to be added just before eating. We would also serve slices of radish. White hominy is what I have always had.

It's a great, great cold weather dish. Mexican comfort food.


This was so good I asked Mrs. L to bring me more. I put this over rice and it was haven. The green chili one sounds good too. Thank you Mrs. L.


I make Posole often. My old co-worker used to bring it to potlucks all the time, yumm!. I add the cabbage on top, with chopped radish and a bit of mexican oregano.

Mrs. L

Makfan - Comfort food and not a lot of calories!

Mom - Glad you liked it. I'll make the green version soon.

Berta - Everyone keeps saying that real Posole (or Pozole) has chopped radish. I may just add it to this dish next time.


I need to figure a way to reuse smoked pork in posole, since I always have that on hand.


Hi Rene, I have a recipe for a quick pozole that I sort of invented myself. I mostly use store bought roasted chicken (so not sure if it is really still pozole) because that is usually what I have on hand. Let me know if you are interested in the recipe.

Mrs. L

Chris - Smoked pork in this sounds wonderful.

Jane - I'd love the recipe!

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