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August 31, 2011



That sounds yummy! I may have to give it a try! My family will "try" almost any pasta salad.


I don't think you gave any of this. Sounds good.


This would be a great side for a BLAT sandwich (Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato). I know it's redundant but you can't beat that combination:)

Ada Hildago

Another bacon post? This sounds delicious and not at all fattening, right? :)

Mrs. L

Berta - I love pasta salads but rarely make them (we are addicted to the Mac salad at a local store). This was a fun departure.

Mom - Sorry if you didn't get any, I'll be sure to bring you some next time.

Chris - I think this would be perfect with a BLAT sandwich (and there is nothing wrong with redundancy when it comes to bacon!)

Ada - Hey, see above, nothing wrong with a lot of bacon posts :)


I like avocado pasta a lot but don't make them very often. Now that this recipe is there, I'm sure that its not going to be long before I try this out.


oh, WOW this one just totally jumped off the page at me. Must make this for my grandmother, we both love everything in it!! :)

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