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August 20, 2011



These were good.


OMG I concur with your statement on why I haven't thought of adding avocado to deviled eggs! The tip on making this just before serving has no bearing on us - we'll be lucky if the concoction survives long enough to be served on the eggs. We make our deviled eggs with either sriracha, Japanese curry powder, or cayenne pepper. The follow-up with bacon - genius! ❤


Pininterest has captured a good audience.

You know what I'd be tempted to do with these eggs? Take one to work and then at lunch, dig into the refrigerator in the back and pull them out. Making sure that co-workers saw me, I'd say, "Oh wow, I forgot about these deviled eggs from July, I wonder if they are still any good? Do you think they are too green?" and before they could say anything I'd bite into it :) I'm just evil that way.


@Chris That is freakin' hi-larious!! :D *scribbles in notebook*

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - I know, how could I have missed this! And I have yet to make my deviled eggs with Sriracha, it's on my list!

Chris - ROTFL. OMG that is just too funny (and something I might have to try some time)


Yummm, avocado sounds good, I will need to try this.

Chris, that reply is hilarious! I'll need to remember that!

Rene, I run my yolk mixture throught the food processor! Nice and creamy that way. And I use sweet pickle juice, to get the little bit of sweet/tang.
Since pickle juice is mostly sugar & vinegar.

I also use a zip-lock bag to "pipe" my yolk mixture into the whites.

Mrs. L

Berta - I use the zip-lock bag to pipe my mixture too! One of these days I may invest in a real piping bag...maybe:)

Carolyn Jung

I only recently discovered that site, too. It's quite fun! And I am with you -- I never thought to put avocado in deviled eggs, either. But what a natural that is.

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