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July 09, 2011



Hi Mrs. L,

I absolutely loved reading your journey through this project. A project like this is indeed lovely to open ones mind to different ways to prepare an ingredient. I went back to read the first post that started it all and chuckled.

The avocado a day would be fun to read about, but the logistics of it, as you mentioned, would be a nightmare. Btw, I love avocado shakes that I have ordered at Vietnamese restaurants.

Look forward to reading more strawberry and other adventures!


Well I sure enjoyed the strawberry month. I love strawberries so this was up my ally. Wish I could have had more or a taste of it all but that was not possible. But I got a lot. Thank you daughter! I enjoyed it. Mom

Mr. L

Mrs. L, you did great :-)


I loved to read that. Thank you so much for sharing the post with all.You are bookmarked in my favourites.

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Look forward to reading more strawberry and other adventures!

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