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April 29, 2011



Beautiful breakfast and a delicious sounding dinner! Small *cost* on Mr. L's end to enjoy a lovely day. Did he make any comments on the Spotted Dick? If you do not mind me asking, what are your recipes for shepard's and steak and mushroom pies?

I woke up at around 6 that morning. While getting ready for work, it was nice timing as I was able to catch both the prince and princess walk down the aisle (loved the trees!) and the exchange of vows. The dress was less ornate than I expected, but with all the anger against the royal family these days, the dress was smart and harkens back to a fantasy-medieval time (w/o dredging up thoughts of corruption, taxes, and torture). I wish I could have seen more. At least I wasn't one of a few people who admitted showing up an hour late for work watching the ceremony. I'm a fan, but not enough of a fan to legitimately take the day off to celebrate with large family functions (several people did this) or to risk reprimand at work. o.O


I totally told my husband that I want to move to England just so I have an excuse to wear fun hats!!

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - We actually were too full to get to the Spotted Dick so we're going to try it this weekend. As for the pies, I got them frozen at the local British Foods store. They import many wonderful looking things that I'm going to have to try (and I do need to learn to make my own steak and mushroom pies because they were actually quite good).

Deborah - I so want to be able to wear hats like the Brits!

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