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March 31, 2011



*scribbles recipe* This sounds great to add in our rotation any time of the year. We'll probably add more dark green vegetables (choy sum, kale, spinach, ...) and lower the protein due to Bug's diet restriction, but this sounds great. We've been using oyster sauce, but this sounds cleaner and healthier as far as sugar and salt goes. Thanks!

Chris Lemon

Came across this today on Slashfood, which sounds like it would make for a damn fine side dish with this...



This sounds good except I would take out the mushrooms (I do not like fungi) and add a little more liquid and serve it over rice.


Yeah, I would have used about 1 tsp of red pepper flakes instead and then Alexis would say it's too hot but it would be just right for me!

Livin Local

This includes several of my favorite ingredients, so will have to give it a go. Faves? rice vinegar, mega mushrooms, cilantro, ginger .... oh yum!

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - Oh, I think adding Kale here would work!

Chris - LOL, I already bookmarked that recipe!

Chris - I like things pretty spicy...Mr. L just likes a touch of heat...I tend to err on the less heat side for him and then add heat down the line for me if possible.

Living Local - Good fresh ingredients AND easy to make, a winner!

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