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March 08, 2011



Yum, I had a mini peanut butter cupcake yesterday.

Chef Barbie

peanut butter cupcakes, ok. the frosting tastes like straight pb.

carrot cake cupcakes, ICK! they are NASTY.

RV whoopie pies, yummy but don't eat more than one or you will poop red.

haven't tried the cake pops or the bars yet.

cocoa cap, not so much.

Mrs. L

Makfan - Those are pretty good. Makes me want to make my peanut butter cup cake (so that I have more to eat!)

Chef Barbie - Not very fond of the cocoa cappucino myself. Not fond of the mocha Starbucks uses in general and to me it just tasted like a watered down standard mocha coffee. You need to try the pink pop! The rocky road pop...no so much...the marshmallows were a bit too chewy for my tastes.

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