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March 17, 2011


Carolyn Jung

I am loving this ice cream, especially since my all-time fave Ben & Jerry's flavor is Chunky Monkey. Yup, even though, there are a zillion other new flavors now, that one always tempts me the most. ;)


YUM! I don't know why I never thought of augmenting ice cream in this manner. I buy ice cream with stuff in it. This way, you have more control over what goes in your scoop. (I don't have an ice cream maker so this is as close as it will get for us to have "homemade" ice cream. :) Haagen Dazs vanilla is very good!


This was super. Did not taste the banana. For me with teeth problems I would like the bits of chocolate smaller. I just let the chocolate bits melt in my mouth. What a great idea to have ready made ice cream.

Bruce Bills

Ow, wow! Banana chocolate ice cream! I want this! I'll show this to my mom so she'll make this next week. I hope my dentist in Hilton Head will allow me to eat ice cream. Last week, one of my teeth was extracted so I only eat soft foods. You know, in our town, most dentists there are friendly and professional. So you'll feel comfortable to ask questions and even during the procedures.

Eye  care

Yummy, banana ice cream, this a awesome combination. I like more homemade ice cream, is more tasteful. Martha is the best, I'm her no.1 fan :D

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