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November 04, 2010



This looks good except I don't like shrimp with tails on. The cover of the cookbook looks like it has a dish of garbanzo beans. That looks good.


This shrimp recipe sounds like something I'd love! Ohhh, and it would be so good on top of a bed of risotto. Yum!


You read my mind, these puppies are going on the grill!


Mmmmm...sounds very good.

Livin Local

I'm quickly digging through the pantry to see if I have the goods to make a mini batch as snacks right now. As for cooking time shrimp, I'm of the turn once and cut the heat when just the outsides are opaque camp. They'll finish up on their own. This is right up my alley!

Mrs. L

Mom - I almost made that cover recipe!

Deborah - Ahh, this on risotto sounds yummy.

Chris - Hopefully this worked out for you.

Jan - Good and simple.

Livin Local - Were you able to try this?

Seared Shrimp

Looks delicious and yummy. Cant wait to prepare.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrSTQDVc0tc I simply love shrimps. This is a bit new to me. Need to try this right away. I could almost smell this relish.

UGG Outlet

"Who shuts love out, in turn shall be shut out from love." O(∩_∩)O~

Andrea Chopra

Very nice. I love shrimp recipes. Shrimp is my favorite seafood. The best shrimps are the giant tiger prawns found in South East Asia. The Chinese cooks them schezwan style, that is quickly sauteed in spicy schezwan sauce. I tell you, they taste so good especially with rice or noodles. Not only that, they are also very healthy and regular consumption can help eliminate some diseases. You can never go wrong with shrimps.

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