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June 07, 2010



Hi Mrs. L!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, I have tried Kara's Cupcakes and their sweet vanilla is my favorite cupcake in SF. They don't do red velvet thought because they don't believe in the use of artificial coloring, so when I saw that Sprinkles had a red velvet, I was all over it.

You're a Sharks fan! I am too! Too bad they didn't make it all the way, but I am very proud of my boys! =) I will definitely come back to this blog because I love food, hockey, and scrapbooking as well! I used to do high school competitions years and years ago and I miss it. I like being creative. =)

Take care,


Ahhhh I thought I detected a Karmactuan accent.

Livin Local

Its a good thing that Tiggher is so cute so she can get away with taking over your table. Love, love, love your blog and following your cooking adventures!


OMG, what an AWESOME post, lots of good info & chat! Sometime, I will have to come to one of those dinner parties in your head, LOL! ;)


Fun fun post :)

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