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April 22, 2010


Associate Girl

I am allergic to wheat. They have this in the non-breaded version as well. I think it's brilliant.


KFC is actually one of the few FF restaurants I will patronize a few times annually for a small potato bowl or popcorn chicken, but I'm sorry, this looks kinda gross. I think the same about whoppers, Big Macs, etc. So I agree with you, it should be equal opportunity one way or the other. Maybe folks find this initially offensive because it just doesn't have any bread??? As if that's any better for you than deep-fried fowl or congealed bovine lactation, LOL...


I heard all of the hullabaloo about this sandwich, which is clearly marketed towards a demographic that is not mine, and wondered why KFC was getting such flack when any ol' salad with croutons and ranch dressing is likely just as unhealthy. But boy oh boy did they win on the free advertizing front!


I've been dismayed at how many calories (and worse, how much sodium) can be in something like a Caesar salad. Makes it tough to eat out and watch your calorie and sodium intake.

noble pig

Yeah, it's no different than any other fast food as far as calories. I like KFC chicken, it's one of those cravings.


I love KFC, especially their chicken pot pie. This looks really good. I will definitely have to try it.

Carolyn Jung

You ate one -- and lived to type about it?!? Just teasing.

Chef Barbie

my arteries are hardening just reading this post!


Glad that it wasn't so bad! I'd like to try a bite one day, but my husband doesn't care for KFC and I can't afford to eat that much salt to eat one whole (my extremities will swell insanely) to convince him, or myself, to stop in.


My husband wants to try this sandwich. I suppose those who are following the Atkins diet could enjoy a sandwich like this. And I'm surprised by the fat grams. I thought it would be more. :-)


I have to keep myself away from KFC from now on. I WANT that.


Everyone told me that I shouldn't like their KFC bowl (corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese and chicken) either but I couldn't help myself.

The Duo Dishes

The folks we know who have tried it have lived to tell the tale. It's an experience...


Wow, I must check this out Mrs. L... only 540 calories!

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