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February 23, 2010


noble pig

LOL, yeah I can see the turnovers little mouth, did it have teeth?

Carolyn Jung

I love the food of Quebec. The sugar pies, maple pies, and yes, the meat pies, too.


I wish I was eating at your house this week. It sounds so good compared to what I am having. Those turnovers look so good.


this little package looks like an amazing thing to put in one's mouth. not only that, but that sauce sounds DELICIOUS. three cheers for puff pastry and flavorful sauces!


Oh that looks SO scrumptious!! Awesome recipe, I am going to give this a go next time I'm going to bring appetizers somewhere. I'm surprised these aren't more popular at restaurants, where you could order pork, beef or veggie ones with different kinds of dipping sauces to liven them up. Seems like something the Hard Rock Cafe OUGHT to have as a standard, LOL...

Healthy Foods Blog

I agree with them. This food amazed me in just one look. Incredibly gorgeous!

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I didn't think about it until afterward, but we should have put little googly eyes on it and some fangs!

Carolyn - Sugar Pies? Do tell!

Mom - Because of the dough, they didn't reheat well otherwise I would have brought you one.

Grace - I'm still looking for something yummy to use the leftover chili sauce.

Arch - Oh, do make these and let me know how they worked out for you.

Healthy Food - Glad you liked the photo!


I did make them! Went to a dinner party last night with a bunch of ex-co-workers, and brought these as an appetizer. They were a real hit! I will email you some pictures :)

Mrs. L

Arch - I'm so glad you made these and that they turned out well!

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