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August 21, 2009


Carolyn Jung

That Mona Lisa coffee-cup sculpture is unbelievable! How did they ever think of doing this? I mean, did one guy just peer into his cup of foamy latte one day, and say, "I see the makings of a famous Louvre painting in this...''??? ;)

Lydia Jackson

WOW that is incredible. I can't even imagine why anyone would think to do that, but WOW!


Cafe Artiggiano in Vancouver always does art in your latte foam. It's one place I nearly always plan to stay in because the nice wide cups they use work well for the art. And the coffee is good, too.

Chef Barbie

thanks for the shout out... you know i love my coffee!


Awesome art! but i cannot believe Starbucks is raising prices... glad i am not a coffee drinker!! i get tea and cider there once in awhile, but now i'm boycotting them :p raising caffeine prices in a recession just because you CAN? Down with corporate greed!


Wow - that Mona Lisa in coffee was cool!

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totally impressive, how much time had to be spend it in this art work, becuase there's no other word for this, this is art, that Mona Lisa, like the original this could be put in a musseum to keep it in perfect conditions.

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