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August 13, 2009



there isn't a single thing i would change about this. i would like for avocado and bacon to be present on every burger i eat, and those onions sound simply amazing. this recipe is a keeper, through and through.


Sounds really good, but definitely not an after work meal.

Carolyn Jung

My hubby, Meat Boy, would be salivating over this photo. I love caramelized onions on just about anything.


That looks so yummy! I love blu cheese dressing on my salad so I would be willing to have it on this burger.


That looks like the most amazing burger, EVER! YUM! And your photo looks cookbook cover worthy too. Delicious.


I, too, have made this recipe and a few other grand prize burger winners. The problem that I keep running into is that they are a lot of work and expensive to make. I'm not cheap, but when I approach the $20 mark I start eying lamb chops or fillet. For me a hamburger is a quick fix deal rather than a production. I glad you enjoyed yours and were able to identify the changes you'd like to make when you do an encore.


Burger looks great! I was wondering if you received the emails I sent you about the America's Best Lost Recipes cookbook?


That's an impressive burger! I haven't ventured into the world of gourmet burgers yet, but I may have to try this one!


Mrs L, that is quite an impressive amount of work, a blt and a burger in one! I love both sandwiches but am not sure that I'd like them combined...

Louise at Livin Local

I agree with Mary that this sounds pretty pricey. Don't shoot me down for this, but I think it would be quite perfect with out the hamburger. So many flavors and textures would be in the mix that it just sounds nice.

Chef Barbie


noble pig

That sounds amazing...I love a burger like this, I think it's the only way to eat them.


Oh my! Now that's a burger!

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wow..that burger is so big..and looks so delicious..I love that..

The Duo Dishes

Lots of good stuff on there with the avo...all that delicious, creamy cheese!

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

Whoa, what a burger, I bet every bite was splendid! :)


That looks delicious...and I'm saying that at 7:41 in the morning!

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Who doesn't like onions ?

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