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July 18, 2009


noble pig

That sounds delicious with the balsamic, bacan and everything. I love peppery arugula but I know some people don't.

Louise at Livin Local

Sounds yummy! Any sauce starting with bacon drippings must be divine.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I don't really mind arugula but it's not available at a lot of stores and it's not as cheap as other greens. These days I'm looking to be a bit more frugal with food funds.

Louise - Bacon drippings....sigh...manna from heaven!

The Duo Dishes

Salmon cooked with the flavors of bacon...that's a treat.


Nothing like a fishbone to ruin a potentially great meal.
Happens to me often enough, unfortunately. Usually my fault. Bending over with tweezers is a pain in the neck.

Mrs. L

Duo Dishes-Yeah, I don't think I would have tried it if it didn't have bacon in it.

Jude - We do try to get out all the bones but I always seem to miss just one!


mouth watering! definitely going to try this recipe... but maybe with the bacon halved, LOL...

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wow...delicious.. i love salmon and bacon..

Term Papers

Pancetta is pretty salty so regular bacon might be better. I had a little less than a third of a pound of the stuff so I put it all in.

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