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June 17, 2009



Sounds like you've been having a tough couple of days! Hope things turn around soon... *Cyber hugs*

Fearless Kitchen

That's sad.... we've got squirrels, but they're not half as bad as the woodchuck. Although that could change - they've started digging up "presents" - old bones, et cetera - to placate the dog so they can do their squirrely little damage. One time, no joke, they pulled an old dead quince out of the garbage, hid it until it froze, and gave it to the dog as a ball. I am not making this up.

Good luck!

Mrs. D

Tell Mr. L I feel his pain :(

Carolyn Jung

Squirrels are mighty hungry creatures. They ate nearly every tomato I grew the first year we bought our house. It was soooo sad. I'd notice a tomato just about ripe enough, and sure enough, the next day, it would be gone! My hubby built a huge cage around my tomato plants. That has done the trick. No more squirrels feasting on my bounty.

Mrs. L

Emiglia - I think it's going to be one of those years...

Fearless Kitchen - ROTFL. A frozen quince ball, did you take photos?

Mrs. D - No laughing but I found a nice tall, intact sunflower plant at my Grams and sent the photo to Mr. L...he was not amused...

Carolyn - We have done some moving around of plants and such so the squirrels don't have the walls, patio rails etc to walk on but we still have problems...the little buggers!

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