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May 11, 2009



This looks amazing. My dads birthday is coming up and we are cooking for him. My assignment was mashed potatoes because it is his favorite! This is perfect! Thank you!


This looks really good Mrs. L. And by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love Mom

noble pig

Okay you are a trooper running this through the strainer! It sounds delicious and worth it! Yeah for the potato ho's!


i'm shocked--where's the cheese? i think this is a great potato dish, and i'm definitely intrigued by your use of yogurt instead of sour cream. and hold the phone--is it your birthday? if so, have a terrific one! :)

Mrs. L

Zoe - if you bake them in ramekins or little vessels it will look great on the table!

Mom - I'll bring you some this week :)

Noble Pig - A ricer would have been so much easier but I think it worked fine with the strainer and I got some arm exercise!

Grace - Well, one could always put some Parmesan or other cheese on top the last couple minutes of baking now couldn't one :)

Carolyn Jung

What a great tip on using Greek yogurt. I bet it gives a nice subtle tang, too. Even though I do have a ricer, I hardly ever use it when making mashed potatoes. I just use the manual masher. I like the uneven texture it creates. You get a little smooth, you get a little chunky. It's a surprise in every bite.


k this is the part where your blog starts to drive me nutty because i'm on the prison diet, LOL... omg that looks so yummy. i'm very sparing with potato dishes but may have to add this to the rotation between my potato soup and rosemary-tater stew when i get home...

Mrs. L

Carolyn - I was going to mash it with the masher before I put it through the strainer and completely forgot. I figure next time, that little tip might help a bit.

Pillownaut - So sorry. I'll send you a care package when you are out and free and can eat again. Giggle...I make it sound like you are in prison instead of being a guinea pig for NASA!


These look amazing. Great for crowds at the holidays.


I'm having a hard time getting past the root canal thingie, and feeling bad for you. Your recipe looks yummy and must have helped you get through your dental trauma, yes?


That looks incredible. Isn't the low fat greek yogurt the best ingredient ever? Thanks for a wonderful dish!

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