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April 13, 2009



Well that covers that only food groups that matter... Meat, potatoes and cream. Sounds like the perfect food to me.


You had me at potatoes AND bacon. SO gonna have to try these!


Oh boy, these were so good on Easter Sunday. Mr. & Mrs. L had me over for a BBQ. Has the best meal. I won't go any further as I am sure the rest will appear in the blog. But these tidbits were out of this world without the sauce. I did not know there was any so I had them plain. WOW

NotSoccer Mom

oh my i'm going to have to try these! did you say potatoes AND bacon?!!


Simple perfection! This would be a crazy wonderful side dish to serve with shrimp wrapped in bacon. Really.


awesome. you even slipped some rosemary in there--nicely done!

Chef Barbie



Oh my gosh!!! I have got to try this.

The Duo Dishes

These looked oh so good in the round up today. Seriously. Anything wrapped in bacon is good.


How could one say no tho this? Delicious!


You are absolutely right, Mrs. L. - What's not to fall in love with? Bacon and potatoes are all one needs for a good meal.


Oh yes, those look good! I would eat bacon wrapped cardboard...so potatoes is even better since I love those too. :)

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I like the potatoes because contain protein and many properties that help us to creat too much energy and this is the main reason why we need to eat it.

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