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March 25, 2009


NotSoccer Mom

that looks yummy!

noble pig

Oh very nice looking. I bet it was delicious!


Yum that sounds delicious! and I know what you mean about the cast iron. I just recently got some for Christmas and I always forget that the handles actually get hot too so don't feel alone :) While working at a restaurant, one of the cooks told me that if you dab a little vinegar on a towel or cotton ball and then on the burn it helps take the sting out of it. It has helped me quite a few times, and my husband the time I forgot to tell him that his plate (that I kept in the oven to keep warm), was too hot to touch. Oops!

Carolyn Jung

I bet that ragout would be heaven spooned atop soft polenta, too. Yum!

chef barbie

yum! this sounds delicious!


Oh, Mrs L ... that looks fan-stinkin-tastic!!! Bravo, bravo! And you even managed to sneak in a trip to Lunardi's? Their meat counter would make a vegetarian swoon!

Sorry to hear about your hand. Eek.


sorry you burnt yourself! i guess that's the price we sometimes pay for a delicious meal. :)


You couldn't have told me that a few months ago????? LOL - I did exactly the same thing. Darn those handles get hot!!!


Hate it when that happens. I'm just glad my hand didn't remain stuck to the searing hot handle the one time it happened to me.

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