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March 23, 2009


noble pig

OMG I haven't seen this...but I am a PC fanatic.


I'm jealous! I want to be a Mac fanatic too!


Didn't anyone warn you that Macs are very contageous?! Enjoy ... and then feel sorry for all the poor PC drones in the world.


It's good to know Macs and PCs both, really. everyone should stretch into new territory to see what else is out there. I started on Mac, in fact I had two in a row! Ah, back in the day. but i didn't quite get into it as a religion as some did, LOL... i like to just try everything available :)


Oh, yes. Welcome to the dark side!! AND you will now be able to do what those kids do in half the time. And all I can say is, the first time I installed a program I was so mad that it wasn't easy. DUH. When they say "move this to here" don't open files and search for the one "this" among all the files and then open more folders to find the other "here" among all of them. Just literally move one into the other that you are already looking at. It was a real DUH moment for me that it wold be THAT easy. ;-)

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I too, was a PC fanatic which is why I held out so long to change over.

Jan - It's fun. I love my iphone which is a big reason for me to agree to the change.

Louise - Even my MOM had a Mac before me!

Arch - Actually, back in the day I started on a Mac too. Had to change to PC for a job and just never went back..until now of course.

Kathie - It's not hard to learn, it's just reprogramming my self as to where things are mostly.


This must be an exciting day for you. Welcome to the world of Macs! You won't regret it.

Mrs. L

Jeanette - I'm getting used to it every day. Can't wait to try photo stuff on it.

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