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February 11, 2009


noble pig

I never let it stop me from eating eggs...I still love them!

JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

I love eggs - they are a great source of protein and are really good for you in so many ways!

NotSoccer Mom

i am so going to make that valentine egg tomorrow morning for my son!

Carolyn Jung

I love eggs -- one of nature's most perfect foods. I love them as omelets, encasing whatever leftover cheese or veggies I have on hand. I love them in custards, so smooth and rich. I love them hard-boiled in salad Nicoise. And I love one cracked open and baked in the center of a wood-fired pizza.


All hail liquid chickens! Seriously, eggs, almonds, cashews & tuna are my main protein sources; I couldn't possibly break any of those habits. However, someone recently bent my ear about quail eggs having 3 times the protein as poultry eggs. I wonder if that is true? The first thing I thought was that consumption of quail is illegal, but then I remembered I was using my california brain cells, LOL... it may not apply here...


I thought that Disney selling eggs was a joke. What the? They should just stick to stuffed animals.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I'm right there with you on having never stopped eating my eggs.

Jenn - I just had a guy in my building at work say that his doctor told him not to eat more than two or three eggs a week because they were so bad for you! Sigh.

NotSoccerMom - Mr. L made them for me and they were lovely!

Carolyn - Okay, I now have to have one cracked and baked in a wood fired pizza! Does someone at a restaurant make this?

Arch - They sell quail eggs all over around here as they are served at Japanese restaurants. Not sure about the protein part though.

Jude - May be a joke which is why I find it funny!

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