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February 02, 2009



You want to get up early and go for a Grand Slam or go for lunch? We have not done that in a long, long time.


Loved the part where the Denny's waitress topped off the pancakes with a soul patch. Funny!

noble pig

The Doritos add was my favorite....I laughed hard.


My favorite commercial was the one with Connan O'brien.

chef barbie

yeah, i tried to go to the denny's near my office but the line was all the way around the building.

Mrs. L

Mom -The line was out the door, we would never had had time to go. We'll have to go some other time, like a leisurely weekend morning!

Louise - The soul patch was what made me laugh too.

Noble Pig - I love the flack all these big ad agencys are getting since this idea came from fans.

Peabody - I saw an interview with Connan about the commerical, looks like he had fun doing it.

Chef Barbie - They gave away MILLIONS in free Grand Slams!

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