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February 10, 2009



I love rice dishes and I have had something like this when I lived in Savannah.


Hah...I have problems with spanish rice as well. It's never been my favorite. This recipe looks great tho.

Does the lady and sons cookbook include a red beans and rice recipe?


I would be able to eat this as a main dish! Sounds delicious!


Mmm, it sounds delicious. I'm curious what your problem is with Spanish rice. Hmm, I hope it's nothing gross.

I always start my dinners too late. I actually usually eat around nine or ten, just cause that's when I get home from work.

Mrs. L

Mom - it was pretty tasty. Nice flavor.

Veron - Actually no, but I don't have any idea if it's in any of her previous books.

Deborah - It certainly worked for Mr. L and I as a main dish. I'm not sure what I would serve with it, if it was just a side dish. Something very light.

Emily - I'll post about that spanish rice problem this weekend if I can. Not gross at all.


This is just a chicken breast short of cheap and easy creole style chicken & sausage jambalaya. You don't have to finish it off on the oven, just do it on the stove top in a large saucepan. Yummmm.


P.S. When we serve jambalaya at home in Louisiana, a nice, light, green salad on the side is all that's required.


Forget the butter...microwave 5-6 slices of bacon until crisp, use grease to saute veggies & sausage until you can scrape a nice glaze from pan bottom...follow recipe from here. The entire 16 oz can of diced tomatoes & the entire can of tomato sauce ensures no dry rice. Just prior to serving, top with crumbled crispy bacon!

Mrs. L

SB - Okay the bacon part totally works for me! I'll have to try this next time.

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