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January 27, 2009



Poor chickens without their wings.. lol

noble pig

No...no chinese food, But Happy New Year...yahoo!


i think "paris craps" applies too. what will she taint next? bibles? :)


Its a triple gasp post! Imagining you drinking a beer. Imagining Paris hanging out and scrapbooking. Imagining a Super Bowl without wings. Oh my!

chef barbie

oh!!! i totally have a paris hilton scrapbooking story!

roommate/landlord R goes to check in for his flight from Sydney to LAX and the clerk tells him that there is a celebrity seated next to him and that they will move him if he wants them to. He asks who it is and the woman tells him “we don’t usually give the identity but since you are seated next to her… it’s Paris Hilton.” He decides that since he doesn’t know anything about her that it would be ok to stay. So he gets on the plane and then she boards too. He said she was really nice during the flight. She wasn’t bitchy or demanding or anything. He did say that at first she wouldn’t hang up her cell phone and that she was talking to someone about Britney Spears. Then, as soon as the plane took off she got up and when to the front of the plane where the magazines are, she got all the magazines like People, InTouch, Style and all those and read every single one of them looking for pictures of herself. After dinner she asked him if she could use part of his tray table and he said yes. She then spread out about 500 pictures of her with a bunch of people in Australia and then started scrapbooking them. He said she scrapbooked from about 8:00 pm until 3:00 am and then she went to sleep. When the plane landed at LAX she needed help with her carry on bags and all he had was his little backpack so he offered to carry her bags. He said she seemed really grateful and said thank you to him several times. Then she even waved good bye to him at baggage claim.

Mrs. L

Jessy - yes, we are cruel to the little chickens aren't we?

Nobel Pig - any excuse to eat good food in my book, so Happy New Year!

Grace - True, she's done perfume, had her name on canned wine, who knows what she'll come up with next.

Louise - I know, I know, BEER, who woulda ever thunk?

Chef Barbie - Oh man,I remember you telling me that but I totally forgot.

Carolyn Jung

I can't even imagine that Paris Hilton does scrapbooking. What does she use for scraps? Her old Chanel suits? ;)


Laughing at the link to Paris Craps...LOVE that she had a title on her page "first drink". They actually made a bling title for that?? I am guessing her lines won't last long at that rate...How many people can use that bling?? I suppose it could be repurposed and used for fist...fill in the blank, and that would stretch it further. GEESH.

SO I guess I shouldn't run out and try to use my coupon for KFC wings? Too funny.

Mrs. L

Carolyn - Too funny! I'm so curious about her scrap line now!

Kathie - You'd be surprised at what folks can use on their scrap pages. Especially the bling which is real popular right now.

NotSoccer Mom

oh that is just so tacky. i'm not that into the bling anyways, but paris is just so classless.

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