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November 15, 2008


noble pig

OMG that T-bone...hello mama...I can only imagine how good this was.


That looks really yummy! My question is - who shares a t-bone steak???? Not me! LOL

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - It was very good! Me loves me my steaks.

Jan - I'm so with you! I mean really, you eat the steak and then you gnaw on the bone for all the little pieces left!


82? my jealousy knows no end. :)
meanwhile, i adore mr flay and almost all of his recipes--this one looks great!


Be - U- Ti- Ful!


i am such a carnivore. of course, i wouldn't have used T-bone because you know i have issues with bones, but YUM!


That looks so good! I wish I could eat steaks. But not anymore!


We are lucky in that it is always grilling season here. That garlic chile oil looks like it would be great on a flank steak or skirt steak, too!


This sounds really good- I'm a big fan of Bobby Flay.
If you want to get your garlic minced really well, use a zester instead of mincing it by hand. Using the zester will actually get the garlic to form a nice pulp. Plus- it's a lot easier than taking the time to finely mince it with a knife!

Mrs. L

Grace - Hey, we pay extra for the nice weather out here.

Louise - Thanks, but it's hard to mess up a shot of a t-bone.

ChefBarbie - I could make this for you and cut away the bone! (of course I'd have to chew off any extra still left on the bone)

Mom - Maybe next year with the new teeth

Katie - I think the oil would work on just about any cut of meat.

Tiffany - What a great idea about the garlic, thanks!


I'm salivating just reading about it!

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