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October 07, 2008



That is so cute. We need to go through my stuff before Halloween 2009! I have boxes.


Oh no! I hope it wasn't too bad! That sounds really painful, like ER trip painful! At least you get a break from some chores! LOL


Ooooo. Please accept my sympathy. Ouch.


Oooh, hope the hand gets well soon. That must have been a very lovely dinner to get you real excited that you forgot about the hot pad.


Oh no, I hope you heal quickly.

noble Pig

OMG no, no....oh that is a heck of a burn I bet. Get better soon Halloween queen.

NotSoccer Mom

wow, that sounds REALLY painful. glad you're recuperating and back to blogging!


Oh I so feel your pain! I have been there and done that and felt stupid and in pain as a result! How is you hand now?

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