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October 17, 2008


Carolyn Jung

OK, I'll try not to drool on your blog. Really. But you just made my day. Yes, I confess I have a thing for David Beckham. Hubba, hubba....Hmmm, he's promoting fish sticks now, huh? Well, when I had to go buy a Bluetooth for my cell phone recently, I ended up buying the one Becks endorses. How shameless am I? Don't answer that. ;)

Mrs. L

Carolyn - I'm so there with you. There is just something about him that curls my toes. We can be shameless together.


Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy! And the fish sticks don't look half bad either.


Yay for soccer stuff. Yum for Beckham...I mean fish sticks.


that's gotta be the corniest picture i've ever seen--what a cheeseball. i guess i'm in the minority, but i don't understand his mass appeal (except for the accent)(and body).

Mrs. L

Louise/Lara - Yeah, that man can definitely get me to eat fish sticks!

Grace - yeah, that body...yeah....

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