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October 30, 2008


Carolyn Jung

Have fun with the new toy! Mrs. L, you are such a hip, techno type!


Oooo! I am so jealous! Dad and Lori have those too! One day I will get one, or at least something better than the free phone you get with your plan! LOL! And have you seen this: http://store.baconsalt.com/ or more specifically this: http://store.baconsalt.com/Baconnaise-3-pack_p_0-34.html ??? hilarious, and strangley delicious looking!


Ohh! I am green with envy! No AT&T in my future, so a iPod touch is as close as I will get. ;-( You are such a techie!!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I am so jealous! Way to go!!!


Ohh! Lucky! I am jealous.

You should try frozen pizza. They're quite delicious.


I've wanted one for ages! Lucky you!

Mr. L

Mrs. L has wanted one for a year and I made her wait for the 2nd generation, let Apple sort out the issues. This iPhone rocks, mobile computing is the future. I can do my banking, stock trading, email, etc etc ad nauseum from this little baby. I also dislike ATT, but they seemed to have improved their service greatly from when I had them many years ago. Just having the web access is so handy, let alone the GPS, ipod, movies etc you can use it for! (and Yes, I used to work for Apple )

Mrs. L

Carolyn - I'm far from techno, but I have a husband who is (I still haven't set up my voice mail on the dang phone and it's been a week!)

Shannon - I have all the flavors of bacon salt and yes, I need the mayo! I e-mailed my Uncle (your Dad) about the iphones.

Kathie - OH the ipod touch is very cool! If we didn't get the phones, I was definitely going to upgrade to one of those.

Louise - I've been so jealous of all my friends who already have the phone, it's nice to have someone be jealous of me!

Emeline - Love certain brands of frozen pizza but I keep saying I'm going to buy pizza dough at Trader Joes and make my own.

Zoomie - Here's hoping you can get an iphone soon. They really are cool.

Mr. L - Thank you Thank you. I do love my phone (and the cool apps you've planted on it :)

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