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September 17, 2008


noble pig

I can't remember the last time I was in a Taco Bell, but I'd try em'!


I really shouldn't read delicious entries like this just before I tuck in for the night :)



Thank you for testing these so we don't have to. Taco Bell lures you in with the price, but like Mr. L, you really pay for it later.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I can't help it but Taco Bell is right down the street...across from Jack in the Box on one corner, Carls Jr on the other corner and next door to Round Table!

Carmi - A friend e-mailed that he's been craving Tacos all day now.

AJ - Glad to help AJ


Funny thing is that I hadn't eaten Taco Bell in over probably 10 years, then I had a pregnancy craving hit a few weeks ago. We stopped at the drive thru, and then I was sick for 2 days after. And even though these sound good, I think I'll have to pass!


i'm in for a spicy taco, so i should try it soon!

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