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September 15, 2008



What a beautiful sight! I am ready to take a bite, or 2 or 3, right now.

noble pig

Yum, another beautiful tater dish, I love the high-piled potato. Thanks for playing along.


This looks good! Bacon would be a good addition. Sausage probably would be tasty too.


i love me some smashed taters, and mr l is right on with that observation! great contribution to the ho down, trixie bell. :)


WOW! If that doesn't look fantastic. Did you save me any? My mouth started watering when I saw this. Yummy.

Mrs. L

Louise - Come on over, I'll share.

Noble Pig - I wouldn't think of missing a HO Down!

Lisa -Oh, sausage AND bacon :)

Grace - Mr. L does have his moments and I'm fine when those moments involve bacon.

Mom - Yes, I saved you some, I'll bring it over soon.


mmmm... what a great addition to the ho down!


That potato dish was out of this world. I'll have some more of that anytime you make it. That was a good dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I'll takes smashed over mashed potatoes any day. How could you forget the bacon? :)


Yes, I agree, bacon would be a great addition...to almost anything!

Mrs. L

Krysta - Glad you liked it

Mom - I'll be sure to bring you some if I make it again.

Jude/Peabody - I know, so bad about the bacon...and I'm such a bacon lover I can't believe I forgot!

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