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August 19, 2008



I've seen this all over the internet today! I'll have to sit down tonight and see how I fare. And I love your crab picture. Absolutely fantastic.


I think I have had almost everything you have had, maybe one or two more or less.

noble pig

I've seen this list making the rounds, I love it! I have a lot to still taste.


woo hoo!!! i have had 74 of the things on the list.


oh yeahm here's my list


Okay, I definitely have to stop coming to your page until October when I can choose my own menu again, because this is now officially driving me INSANE!! ;)


Thanks for this list! I wonder how I'll do...

Mrs. L

Sara - The crab photo was taken by my old SLR.

Mom - Send me the list!

Noble Pig - I'm happy that there are some things that I actually will search out (like Clotted Cream Tea) unlike Roadkill.

Barbie - Great list.

Arch - I'll send goodies once you're out.


Ooh...I don't know if I'd even get through 25% of the things on the list without throwing up. :-)

Mrs. L

Lara - you might be surprised. Things that sound bad don't always taste bad (like snails...lots of butter and garlic which is all I tasted!)


That's so fun! I haven't done a tally yet, but I am very pleased to see spaetzle on the list. My family eats it every year for Christmas, in honor of our German heritage.


If you ever get a chance to eat catfish in Arkansas/Missouri/Tennessee do it! It's one of the few things I really miss about "home" - sometimes I'm silly and order catfish when I see it on a menu, but I'm always disappointed. And sad.

Mrs. L

Tiffany - Spaetzle is so good!

Lisa - I keep thinking that I've tried catfish when I was younger and traveling through Arkansas but my Grandparents who were with me are no longer around to verify so I left it off the list. I love Tennessee so I'm sure I'll get catfish at some point!

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